June 29, 2007

A wee guessing game for all you linguists and aspiring linguists. Here are three photos of posters and some grafiti in an interesting (at least to me) language.
The two words at the top are a big hint. The language is spoken by less than 1 million people, but you´ve probably heard of it.

Euskal rock-a atsegin dut,
(A hint is that the red-white blob is part of a map)


June 28, 2007

Language Week...
C'est la semaine des langues (merci a Srah, parce que je ne savais pas). Un petit mot maintenant en français/English, et demain qqchose plus amusant.
This week is Language Week (thanks to Srah otherwise I wouldn´t have known). A short word now in français/English, and tomorrow something more fun.

June 03, 2007

When I lived in China I noticed that Chinese parks are conspicuously pigeon-free. At first I thought maybe they just didn't have pigeons, but then I found out from a Chinese friend that the pigeons have learned not to land in parks. If they do, there's a high probability they'll be caught and eaten.

June 01, 2007

A change of perspective leads to a change of attitude, a change of mind. There are plenty of places around -- on every street, almost -- where you can get some altitude, get some perspective.
Take a different look at the place. If you look long enough, and hard enough, from high up enough... you can see what needs doing.."
- Spider Jerusalem / Warren Ellis