July 18, 2003

Well, now that I know that I'm going to be in Lille, I've decided that I should probably start checking out things that I can do while I'm there, after I'm done working my 12 hours a week. So, I thought that it might be cool to take some classes at a French university (there are at least three in Lille, and one is just for the sciences), or maybe even just a French language or culture/history/civilization class.
So, I did some checking around, and found EduFrance, a company that specializes in helping foreign students with arranging university stuff in France.
So, I filled out the application form last night, and I had to wire the payment into a RoyalBank account in Vancouver. So, I go to my bank, and they say that it's going to cost $30 to wire money between my bank, and another bank in Canada. Crazy. So, I just went to the nearest RoyalBank branch, and deposited the money. Stupid bank fees.
Anyway, we'll see what happens. I think that it would be cool to take some courses at a French uni!

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