July 23, 2003

Moving to Lille...
Well, I think that I might have found a place to live in Lille. I had heard about the organisation from someone who did the same programme last year, but in Paris. It's basically a Federation for Young Workers (and no, it's not a Communist organisation). They have apartment buildings for young people (between the ages of 18 and 25).
The one that I've found in Lille provides breakfast, internet access, a weight room (hey, you never know, I might decide to buff up), kitchens (as well as a cafeteria if you're too lazy to cook for yourself), a good location, and a lot more all at a reasonable price. It's sort of a cross between a dormitory, youth hostel, and an apartment complex. One cool thing about it though, is that it'll be people around my age, whom I probably wouldn't meet if I lived with a French host family.
I emailed the place a week or so ago, and just heard back today. They do have room for me, but they're almost full (students can stay here too, so a lot of people going to the universities in Lille will be booking rooms too).

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