July 03, 2003

No news yet...
I sent an email the the cultural attaché of the French embassy in Ottawa yesterday. She replied today and said that I will be sent an administrative order later this summer that will allow me to obtain my visa for France next year. However, she doesn't know where in France I'll be working, because it's the individual académies (regional school districts) that appoint the students. So, it looks like I could be waiting for a fair amount longer before I find out where I'm going.
I'm hoping to start planning my flight at least. I'll probably fly into Paris, but I'm going to talk to the people at TravelCuts and see what they suggest.
I've also emailed a lady who works at EduFrance in Vancouver. She said that I'll probably only be able to take some sort of night course (in French language or civilization probably), because I'll be working most of the day. But, I need to let her know where I'm going ASAP so that she can start arranging things with the universities. Seeing as I don't know where I'm going, or even if I'm going to a city with a university yet, it's kind of hard to plan anything.

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