October 28, 2003

Almost deported, part 2...
No, I wasn't almost deported again, this is just an update as to the aftermath of last Thursday's "adventure".
I got a phone call from one of the English teachers at one of the schools where I was working. I talked to him, and he said that after the last election here in France (remember LePen?), that the French police have become more "stupid, crazy, and insane", as well as "racist". He still said that they shouldn't have treated me like that, and that I should file a complaint with the police (which I'm not planning on doing).
I tried going to the Canadian consulte in Lille on Friday morning during business hours, but they were "exceptionally closed". I mean, they are only open 15 hours a week.
Anyway, I went back on Monday morning, and talked with the lady at the consulate. She was horified to hear what happened to me, and made a face of disgust that I can't even try to imitate. She said that I would be stupid to carry my passport with me everywhere (which is why I didn't have it with me when I was in the metro). Anyway, I filled out a form registering me with the Canadian Embassy in Paris. That way if there are ever problems again (and I hope that there won't be), I can call the embassy and they'll be able to help. The lady at the consulate said that if I ever get stopped again, I should call right away, before anything gets out of hand. She also made a colour photo copy of the info page and visa page of my passport, then stamped and signed it with the Canadian consulate's seal saying that it's a true copy. Now I can take that with me instead of the real passport.
I should also say thanks to everyone who sent me encouraging emails over the weekeng. I'm doing a lot better now.

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