November 20, 2003

Hot water or NOT?
Well, there have been problems with the hot water in my building. I was able to have a hot shower this morning, but the hot water was off all weekend, and then off and on throughout the rest of the week.
I went to see Michel Vaillant with Genevieve on Monday night. It's a French film based on a comic book. The film was pretty good. The American guys French accent got annoying though, and it was odd to hear English words thrown into French sentences.
I'm still waiting to get paid, and to get my carte de séjour. I went to social security yesterday to see what has happened to my dossier, and the guy didn't know. In fact, I'm not even registered in the computer system as having given him my documents. Hmmmm, photocopies of all of my important documents (including my bank account info, and copy of my passport) are lost in French Bureaucracy-land. So, I have to go back in with copies of everything, again.
I'm going to a Christmas market in Germany on December 5th with my school! That is, if my carte de séjour comes through in time...
Anyway, I guess that's about it for now, A+

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