November 11, 2003

Wrong bus...
I accidentally got on the wrong bus on Monday, on my way to work. Not completely the wrong bus though; it was the right line, just in the wrong direction. By the time I figured out what was happening, it was too late. I was headed in the wrong direction, and would miss my connecting bus out to the school. At the end of the line (we weren't that far from the end when I got on the wrong bus), I asked the driver if he was going back the line, but in the other direction. He said no, and that he was done for the day. Hmmmmm. I told him that I had gotten on the wrong bus, and he said that he'd drive me back to the train station, where there was a connecting bus. I sat back down, the only person on the bus. I checked my schedule, and realised that the next bus that I needed would arrive at the station after I was supposed to start working. I was a little worried as I'm sure you can imagine.
Then, for some reason, the guy asked me where I had to go. I told him the name of the school (there's a bus stop there), and he said that he'd drive me there! He lit his cigarette, then proceeded to drive me, the only passenger, completely out of his way to the school where I had to work. I couldn't believe it. I said thank you several times, and shook his hand.
Who said that all French were arrogant, snobby, and stuck up? I certainly didn't find that today. That experience starts to restort my faith in French people (after all the paperwork, and bad experiences with certain members of the police force).

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