December 30, 2003

Still raining, and almost time to leave...
I forgot to mention that when I was up on the citadel in Nice two Chinese girls came up and wanted to take their photo with me. A similar thing happened in Paris with a Japanese girl in front of the Eiffel Tower.
I can just imagine the conversation back home when they get their photos developed. "Oh look, here's me with some guy who's name I don't know in Paris! And here's another photo of me with another guy in Nice!" Maybe it's just because I can't imagine myself going up to a stranger and asking if I can take my photo with them. It's not like I'm a celebrity or anything, lol :p
Unfortunately, it's still raining here. Yesterday was a bit nicer, so I planned on going to Frejus and St. Raphael for the day, but unfortunately I misread the train schedule, and ended up spending the day wandering aimlessly through Cannes.
Tomorrow morning, too early in the morning if you ask me, I'm catching the TGV to Paris (have I mentioned that already?!). The plan is that I'll be met at the Gare de Lyon (a train station) by a girl that I know. I'm hoping to go to the Champs-Elysees or to the Eiffel Tower to celebrate le reveillon de St. Sylvestre (New Years Eve).
A+ and Happy New Years!

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