December 08, 2003

Wunderbar in Germany...
My trip to Germany really started on Thursday evening. Because there isn't any public transportation to the town where I work from Lille at 4h45 in the morning, I spent the night at one of the teachers houses who lives out here. On Thursday evening he took me and his family out for dinner in Belgium. I did the whole Belgian dinner thing and had a Leffe, a tartine, and Belgian waffles with chocolate syrup for dessert. Back at his place, I watched "l'Auberge Espagnole", which I thought was hilarious because half or more of what happens in the film has happened to me. Call it black humor. Harassed by paperwork, getting mocked in the street for speaking another language, having problems finding a reasonable place to stay, etc.
The bus ride to Aachen, Germany was about 3.5 hours long. We got a tour of the city in French, then quickly wandered through the Christmas market before hitting up McDonalds for lunch. I wasn't about to eat at McDonalds in Germany (I can do that back home), so I wandered through the market and bought myself some bratwurst, fries, and a fried potato/onion thing that was really good.
We then got onto the bus, and drove to Monschau, a really picturesque German town with a Christmas market that wasn't so crowded. I was put in charge of herding around nine 5° (= grade 9) girls. Oh what horror. I bought some small gifts for my family, before heading back to the bus.
I didn't have a problem crossing the border, even though I'm not legally allowed to re-enter France, because there was no one at the border crossing. We just drove through.
Bonne courage à tous...

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