January 19, 2004

Un Grand Weekend a Bruxelles...
This past Wednesday evening, I decided to go to Brussels on Friday morning. So I went to Brussels this weekend.
My train on Friday was 55 minutes late (another not-on-time high speed train). At passport control in Brussels, the guy gave me a hard time. He asked me what I was doing in Belgium, if I knew that I was in Belgium (yes I said, I'm here to visit a friend in Brussels), then asked if I knew that I had left French territory, then again asked if I knew I was in Belgium, before asking to see my return ticket. Maybe he was mad because he was Flemish and I addressed him in French (he would only speak English to me).
Anyway, I met Sophia at the station, and we went to the Grand'Place, and I had an amazing Belgian waffle (with whipped cream and chocolate sauce, mmmmm...). Then we saw the Manekin Pis (the famous statue of a boy peeing), before going to the Courthouse, a church or two, and finally the Royal Palace.
On Friday evening we went to The Fuse, the largest club in Brussels. Some of the stagieres working for the European Commission from Scotland, Ireland, and Wales put on the party (called the "Celtic Connection"). Early in the evening, before the DJ's started, they had an Irish band playing. Some Greek people started dancing Greek style (ooo-pah) to Irish music. Quite amusing. We left around 4h30.
Sunday was relatively quite. I watched two football (not American football) matches between stagieres, then had another Belgian waffle and a coffee before discussing Northern Cypriot politics and economics.
I had to come back to Lille on Sunday, because I'm working today.
But hey, at least I escaped France for a weekend and made it back safely!

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