January 27, 2004

A visit from Alex...
On Sunday, Alex from Edmonton, came to visit for the day. He was in my French class in Jonquiere, Quebec about three and a half years ago (summer 2000), and I haven't seen him since. He's working nearby at Vimy Ridge and Beaumont-Hamel as a guide, so he decided to come up to Lille for the day.
We wandered through town, and saw everything in about two hours. There's not much to see in Lille, and most shops are closed on Sunday to make things worse. It didn't help that it's been a while since the sidewalks were washed. There was a lot of dog crap all over the sidewalks (as usual I guess...).
Despite Lille, it was good to see him again. It's quite the thing when you don't see someone in your own country because you live far away, then move to another and you're almost neighbours. Ashley, a girl that I know from Jonquiere the same summer, may come out and visit too. She's living in Strasbourg at the moment.
A+, the snow has stopped. For now.

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