March 05, 2004

Bella Italia...
Well, this is it for Italy. I'm back off to Northern France.
After I was in Rome, I headed south to Naples for two nights. Everyone warned me about the city, but it wasn't so bad, once you got out of the tourist-trap (literally) square right outside of the train station. The sun came out, and the water was beautiful.
I spent a morning wandering around the ruins of Pompeii. It's incredible to think that the place was inhabited by Romans 2000 years ago. There are still amazing frescos on the walls. You could also see plaster castings of some of the victims, including a dog.
I also ate the worlds best pizza, no joking. I ate at the best pizza place in Naples (they only had two pizzas on the menu), which is the home to pizza. Let me tell you, and make you drool, that it was by far the best pizza that I've ever had. It's all downhill from here, lol!
Then I spent a day in Sienna, and I wish that I could've spent more time there. The city was so beautiful, and it was sunny! I went to see an exhibit of Duccio (13th Century) paintings.
I'm now about to head off for a fun 26 hour or so bus ride back (I just realised that the return journey is going to be longer than the one to come here)

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