March 11, 2004

I thought that I'd write a bit about the adventures I had on the bus from northern France to Italy.
-When I got on the bus to Italy in Brussels, the Flemish driver looked at my passport (we had to prove that we could pass through Switzerland without needing a visa or whatever) and said, "ahhhh, KANADA!!!!"
-The bus rid from Brussels to Milan was awful. It was late at night, and we stopped every two hours or so. First it was French customs between Metz and Strasbourg. They checked the whole bus for drugs, since the bus started in Amsterdam. Then it was Swiss customs. We waited for half an hour for the customs guy to get on the bus and ask for one persons passport, then he got off. We then stopped in the middle of Switzerland for a pee-break at 4 in the morning. A little later we got stopped by Italian customs, and they took our passports off the bus. I was then dumped off in Milan around 6, to wait for a bus that left for Florence at 8. I didn't sleep much.
-There were English films playing all night long on the bus, but they all had Dutch subtitles. The adverts during the films (every 45 minutes or so) were also in Dutch.
-On the way back, there was a Chilean assistant (working in Cretail) on the bus. From him, I found out that my academie (school district) is ripping me off.
-We listened to Italian music, on a bus being driven by Dutch guys.
-On the bus from Brussels to Lille, we listened to Spanish music

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