March 23, 2004

Never-ending Shower...
I don't know if you remember that I had problems with my shower back in the fall, but my shower had problems yesterday. It was on for at least seven (7) hours straight. The ironic thing is that yesterday was the international day of water conservation.
I took my shower around 6h45, and the water never stopped. I went down to the night guard, and asked him to make a note of it, and to tell the plumber when he got in. I couldn't wait all day, since I had to leave for work at 7h15. Anyway, after breakfast the night guard told me that he had told the plumber, and the plumber said he would fix it.
Luckily I left my window open to let out some of the humidity in the room.
I got a text around 12h30 from Sophia, a girl living on the same floor as me, asking me if I knew that my shower was still running. I texted back, and asked her to ask the plumber to fix it, but she had already left for school.
I texted another friend in the adjacent building around 13h30, and asked him to get the plumber to fix my shower.
Apparently they 'forgot', or at least that was their excuse. I'm just glad that my shower didn't flood (I've been having drainage problems too), and destroy my room.

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