April 06, 2004

Going to England...
I'm going to England! Yay! And the school is paying for it! Double Yay!
The only thing is that I have to baby sit kids while I'm over there. But that shouldn't be as bad as it sounds, because we're put into homestays (so that we can improve our English!), so I don't have to chase them through the halls of a hotel. Not only that, but most of the students who are going are in the European classes, meaning that they are more interested in English, because they've chosen to take an extra 2 hours of English a week at school.
In any case, we're leaving early tomorrow morning, and taking the ferry crossing from Calais to Dover (Douvres in French). We'll then stop at Hastings for a picnic lunch, and in Brighton to take a look at the Royal Pavilion. The next day (Thursday), we're going to Winchester, to take a look at some sites, and do some shopping. The final day, we're going to London to hit up the main tourist sites. We'll then go to Mme Toussaud's Wax Gallery (I'm not overly thrilled, but most of the pupils are), then we're going to take a tour of Shakespeare's Globe Theatre before heading back to Lille on Friday evening.
Yay, I'm going to England!

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