September 10, 2004

First Week Back to School...
Well, today ends the last day of my first week back to school. Actually, I'm at school right now, avoiding going to work this morning. I had a statistics class this morning (yawn), and now I'm supposed to head to work. But I'll delay that for a bit to let you know how my week went.
Tuesday, the first day back at uni in a year, went really well. It was warm and sunny, and there was free hamburgers and pop. Not to mention the fact that I got to see some uni friends that I haven't seen in a year or so. And, to top it all off, the three hour "Anatomy and Physiology of Plants" lab was cancelled for the first day back!
The second day back (Wednesday) is when reality sunk in. I'm back at school, and have to spend time studying... It started to rain, which helped me get back into the student mode. I found out I have to give a seminar in a few weeks, in my Molecular Biology lecture. I should probably pick something soon.
Thursday I only had one hour of lecture (we got out early!), then I got to spend a fortune on text books. One text cost me $190 (Canadian, or $125 US), which I'm only going to use for one semester, and won't be able to re-sell because a new edition will be out in two years when the course is offered again. Of course I have to buy it new, because there are no used editions up for sale, and even if they were, it's an old edition. It's all about the money I tell you.
Anyway, it's now the weekend (well, after work it is), and today is payday!

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