September 22, 2004

Who's A Nerd?
If you guessed me, you're right. I came to the realisation the other day that I'm a nerd. I may not dress like one (OK, I sort of dressed like one way back when, but not anymore), but I'm a science nerd.
I was on the internet at school, looking up stuff on the Green Fluorescent Protein for a biochem term paper, when I said to Jenn who was sitting beside me, "look at this! This is so cool; they're manipulating the protein to make it able to give readings of concentrations of pH or various ions..." At that point, I realised that anyone else listening would think that I'm a total nerd.
My nerdity was confimed today when I signed up for BOSS (Bunch of Science Students), which is a science club at my uni. We don't really do anything, except get money from the Student Union Society for "fieldtrips" and pizza.
Then I went to the upper level science student social tonight, for free pizza, pop, and tacky door prizes (although I came away with a free personal sized pizza and drink from the cafeteria, so that was cool). Yah, I'll admit it. I'm becoming a nerd...

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