October 26, 2004

Today I probably did the most useful biology lab that I will ever do (PCR, Southern blots, salmon sperm DNA analysis are interesting, but not too practical). We started a hydroponics lab, growing plants in different nutrient solutions to see how the plants will grow in solutions lacking a certain nutrient (mine was nitrogen).
Now why would hydroponics be useful you ask? Why grow the plants in water, and not just in soil? Well, you probably haven't lived on the West Coast. This side of Canada is the pot (marijuana) growing capital of the country, and regularily wins the Marijuana Award (or whatever they call it) in Amsterdam. Now I've never smoked pot, nor have I ever grown it. BUT, if I get really poor one day I'll have some hydroponics experience, and be able to make lots of money (assuming I don't get caught, unless the legalize marijuana).

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