October 04, 2004

Oh le soleil!
It's been incredibly nice here over the past two weeks. Sunny and warm every day. But they're predicting rain for the next week. While the sun has been wonderful, it makes studying hard. I try to sit outside to do my readings, but it doesn't work to well. My mind wanders, and I stare off at the blue sky, mountains, or green trees.
I was reading a rather uninspiring scientific journal article (The Rb/E2F pathway: expanding roles and emerging paradigms) over the weekend out in the sun. My eyelids started drooping, and I found that I had read the whole paragraph, without reading a word. (Which is different from not understanding what I've read, because that happens all the time.) No matter how hard I tried to stay concentrated, I just couldn't. Bloody . Why can't they make the journal articles more snazzy. You know, something where you could actually understand the sentence. Try to figure this one out; "Mga contains two DNA-binding protein interaction motifs, a bHLHZip domain related to that present in Myc, Max, Mad, and Mnt, and a T domain, which facilitates binding to large recogntion elements that are bound by the Brachyury family of transcription factors, which play an essential role in cell specification." Yah, now you know what I mean. Every other sentence reads like that one or worse.
Time to hit the books again...

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