November 25, 2004

Dentist Visit...
I had my first visit to the dentist in about 14 months. I didn't go in France, and I couldn't go when I first came back because I wasn't covered by my dad's extended health plan until I was back in school. I'm happy to say I have no cavities (never had one either!), and that my gums are not too badly inflamed, which would be expected after 14 months of no dental care.
What was cool though was that the hygenist is a franco-ontarienne (from a French-speaking part of Ontario). So we spoke in French the whole time, until the dentist came in. I have to admit that it was nice to speak in French again, and know that I haven't forgotten too much. It was kind of cool to hear the Québec accent again.
However, because my gums on the bottom are very thin (I had a gum graft way back when, but they're still thin), the dentist said that I should think about getting one of those sonic toothbrushes. I can't wait until Santa gets me a toothbrush!!

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