November 28, 2004

Hoarfrost and a Cold...
Today was the first frost of the year, and it looked really cool. There was a huge spider's web between the trees that was covered with dew. It almost looked like there was a light dusting of snow.
And I'm getting sick, which sucks. I woke up yesterday with a sore throat, and my nose was dripping all day. I popped as many pills as I could (multi-vitamin, vitamin B, E, zinc, etc.), and I ate a bunch of oranges. Not to mention that I've tried to get a lot of sleep. I was barely awake for 12 hours yesterday, and slept almost the whole night through.
I have to try to stay awake to study for a biochemistry test I've got tomorrow. Some classes are finished (last lecture last Tuesday), and some will go until next Monday. Then the exams start, and I start to panic as I realise I know nothing about plants, biochemical pathways, or molecular interactions between expressed genes relating to ageing, memory, and the senses.

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