November 14, 2004

A Night on the Town...
Last night I went into Burnaby with Marlin to meet up with Jane and Julia, and from there we headed into Vancouver on the SkyTrain. As we were walking along, this lady came up and gave us all these VIP cards to get into The Plaza, where were planning on going anyway. But first, Jane, Julia and I had drinks at a cool little bar on Granville Street, with nice, big, comfy leather chairs.
We walked back up Granville, and got in line at the club. After an hour of waiting, a few bums wanting smokes or spare change, and two guys from Mexico trying to cut into line in front of us, we got tired of waiting. So, Jane and Julia went up and talked to the bouncer, and got him to let us in (thereby saving us another 20 minutes or so in line). It never hurts to be in town with pretty girls :)
It turned out that the VIP cards meant that we didn't have to pay cover (sweet! -saved 10 bucks). Unfortunately, we only had about an hour in the club before we had to head back to catch the last SkyTrain. But, it was fun while it lasted.

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