December 05, 2004

Christmas Shopping...
I went into Metrotown yesterday with my sister, to do some Christmas shopping. We ended up spending almost five hours at the mall, and a lot of money. I finally found something for both my parents (it's always hard to find something for my dad), and I bought myself a cool shirt from Mexx. It's black, long sleeved, and instead of buttons, it's got these eye and hook things.
Once the mall closed, we picked up Julia, and went out for bubble tea with her. Mmmmmmm, I love bubble tea. It sucks that there isn't a place in my town that sells it anymore (it went out of business because most white people out here don't like to try new things). I had taro root, which is one of my favourite flavours. If you've never tried it, the only thing that I can compare it to is the colour purple. It tastes like the colour purple (sounds crazy, but it's true). After saying goodbye (she's moving to Switzerland in less than a week), my sister and I drove back home.

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