December 19, 2004

Happy Birthday...
My grandfather is turning 75 this Christmas Day, so we (my family) decided to have a big party for him at our place. Of course, my mother would decide to have it at our place, so that she can stress herself out getting ready for it. I told her not to worry too much because most of my grandfathers' friends who are coming are old. Older folks generally have vision problems (so she wouldn't have to worry about having the place spotless), they have hearing problems (don't worry about the music and games so much), and their memories are generally getting shorter (who had that nice party last night, or was it three days ago??), but she was too stressed to laugh.
Anyway, it all went fairly well, even with the gaudy punch fountain thing. The cake was great though, and I had a few laughs with my cousins.
Well, that's about that. I haven't really done anything since exams are over. I should probably wash the basement floor tomorrow.
Less than a week until Christmas!!!

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