December 02, 2004

What Canadian Province are you?
When I took the test, I ended up being...
This is what a British Columbian is supposed to be: You're British Columbia. You're hip and happenin' but also a nice person who isn't a snob. Career is important to you but it isn't your whole life. People assume that your life is perfect and that you have it all, like you were born with a silver spoon in your mouth. But it's not true; you do have your own set of troubles just like everybody else.

Here's the website for Make Vermont Canada's 11th Province. It's put up buy a movement (I don't know how large) in Vermont to have that American State join Canadian Confederation. It'll never happen, but it's an interesting idea none the less.

In unrelated news, a CIBC cash machine spat out Canadian Tire money. Can you imagine wanting to take out $60 cash, and getting $44 in Canadian Tire money!

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