December 11, 2004

Two Down...
And two to go. I had my statistics final this morning (yes, I know it's a Saturday). I'm hoping to get an A+ on the course (GPA booster), and all I need is a 93% on the final to get that mark. There was only one question that I was uncertain about, so I hope that I didn't make any stupid mistakes (as I all too often do).
Now it's fun biochem and molecular biology studying.
There was a free Christmas dinner at school today, so of course I went (free food, why not?!?). They had turkey with all the trimmings (salad, potatoes, stuffing, gravy, buns, & veggies). Not bad for the $25/semester I pay to the Student Union Society. We get free burgers in September, and a free Christmas dinner in December, all for $50 a year.

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