January 02, 2005

A New Year
New Years has come and gone, finally. Not much has really happened. I've been a lazy ass these past two weeks.
I hung out with Marlin, a friend from high school, on Wednesday. Went for coffee with Sheila, another friend from high school that I haven't seen in ages, on Thursday. Work on Friday (New Years Eve) morning at the office where I worked in the summer. Yesterday I went to the big family (my dad's Scottish side) get-together. It's been two years since I've seen any of my 2nd cousins, or great-aunts and uncles, but no one has changed. Apart from my 2nd cousin Carl's little boy, and the fact that the mother walked away, leaving the kid. She didn't even call, write, or send a gift over Christmas. What a witch...
I watched "The Pianist" not too long ago. It's a great movie, but terribly sad and tragic. It's amazing that Wladyslaw Szpilman, the real-life pianist on which the movie is based, managed to survive the war. Especially when almost everyone else in the movie dies, including all his family, most of the Polish resistance that helped him when he escaped the Warsaw Ghetto, and a lot of the city itself. It certainly makes you appreciate your freedom, but it also shows that there is hope in times of trial. For example, the German officer who gave him food, after hearing him play piano.

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