February 06, 2005

Last night I went to the late show of In Good Company with some friends (it was an OK movie, better than I had expected). The cinema was almost totally empty, but it turned out to be a bit of a high school reunion.
One of the friends I went with, Marlin, went to high school with me. We first ran into two girls that graduated with us. One, Amanda, I haven't seen since high school, and probably wouldn't have recognised (she's dyed her hair, and put on a few pounds). I must admit that I had totally forgotten her name. The other, Erika, I haven't seen since we were both in Switzerland, near Lausanne, almost 2 years ago now. Then, after taking our seats, a guy walked in that I haven't seen since grad either.
The other thing I noticed is how young everyone working at the cinema is! I remember when I was (a lot) younger and everyone working there seemed so old. Now they all seem so young, pimply, and greasy haired, lol.


SB said...

MARRRLLLIINNNNN *snaps fingers*


Which Amanda?
Which dude that you have not seen since grad?
The only MEI person I see is you...and I am damn glad that I still get to talk to you since you are super rad and insightful. :)

Stephen said...

Amanda Enns (not the one in Montreal). That's probably the one that you heard had gained some weight.
Daryl U. (however you spell his last name, I know not). Do you know who I mean?

SB said...

Since I don't talk to any MEI ppl but you, I have not heard any down and dirty gossip (ie weight gain) about anyone, so I didn't know about her. Amanda Enns, I think I know who you are talking about...I'll look her up in the good ol' grad book. hahah.

Darryl U...I'll look him up as well...remember how i didn't really know anyone outside of my classes? You used to fill me in on names and stuff in chem, but yeah, since I didn't know their name back then, I dont' know their name now...hahah

Oh yeah, did you comment on my LiveJournal? I'm trying to figure out who commented...

Stephen said...

Sorry, it wasn't me who commented on your LiveJournal. I sign it (or if I forget, then go back and sign) when I leave a comment.
It's the Menno Amanda, not the genius one who's moved to Montreal (there were two Amanda Ens' in our grade.