February 11, 2005

A Day in Vancouver...
Yesterday, I left from my place, for Vancouver, at 7:15 in the morning. I got to UBC (The University of British Columbia) around 9:15 (there was horrendous traffic on the #1 before I even got into Vancouver. I parked on campus (yes, it's expensive -$1.50/30 minutes), then found the room where my interview was to be held.
It was a group interview (me plus 3 other candidates), with two people doing the interviewing. The interview went pretty well, and finished after only 2 hours (it was supposed to be longer).
Then I met up with Kevin, a friend from elementary school, who moved to Victoria quite a few years ago. It's always nice to catch up with old friends.
Then it was off to the Vancouver Aquarium, where I met up with my Evolution class (they took a bus in, with the Invertebrates class) for a field trip. The last time I went to the aquarium for a field trip was in elementary school -now I'm going for a fourth year uni course! I got to touch a sea slug, sea star, and some other sea animal (a pointy thing that looks like a pin cushion). Then, we wandered around for a bit, looking at how the animals have adapted to their niches (we have to write an essay/food web for two different organisms). When everyone else left, I hoped into my car, and headed back out to UBC.
I picked up Mai (she went to my high school), and we went out for dinner at a cool restaurant on Granville Island (which I don't think is really an island). It was great to see Mai again, especially since she's graduating this year, and will probably go back to Japan next year. I probably should have driven in a long time ago.
After dropping her off at UBC, it was time for the long drive back home.


Lils said...

sounds like fun! :)

i want to visit vancouver again... it's so beautiful there.

Stephen said...

Yah, I love Vancouver! I wish that I lived closer. The mountains, and the water, and the parks, and the big city shops!