April 24, 2005

Of the 2010 Olympics and Inukshuks...
The 2010 Winter Olympic Committee (for the 2010 winter Olympics in Vancouver) unveiled the logo last night for the upcoming Games. It's a colourful Inuit inukshuk (stacked rocks in the Arctic used to guide hunters), that's named Ilanaaq. It looks a bit like the Inukshuk in English Bay (a beach in Vancouver).
It's a bit weird considering that the Inuit don't live in BC! You'd think they'd pick something by the Haida, the Westcoast Salish, or some other local Indian band. I guess they were trying to pick something more 'Canadian', eh?

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Stephen said...

This is sad that I'm commenting on my own blog (and not even replying to a comment!).
Anyway, one guy commented in the paper that Ilanaaq looked like a crazy green-faced guy holding a blue rocket launcher, lol.