June 20, 2005

Formation Continue, Part II... (it rhymes!)
Last night we had our second Sunday evening training session, where we learned more about the actors who will be enhancing the tours starting July 2nd. Basically, there will be a historical figure who will appear at some point along the tour, for many of the visits (during certain hours). We got to hear their monologues last night, and they were actually pretty good. It`ll be interesting to see how it all works together with our tour in another few weeks.


tim said...

Tape record the Louis Reil rant for me!! Oh I hope he is one. One of the best books I read growing up was about the Meti side of the uprising.

He may have been hearing voices and quite schitzo but they had very legit greivences.

Stephen said...

There`s no Louis Riel, sorry (it would probably be too controversial). Although you`re right about the Metis.
The characters in Centre Block are Lord Aberdeen, Carinne Wilson (1st womand in the Senate), Wilfred Laurier (1st francophone PM), and Charles Marcil.

Anonymous said...

Who are those characters, I have lived in Canada all my life and only know about Laurier.

Stephen said...

Lord Aberdeen was GG when Charles Tupper tried to stack the Senate, and the GG didn`t let him. Tupper was the shortest serving PM, on 36 days I believe.
Charles Marcil was the 1st Francophone speaker of the House of Commons, if I`m not mistaken.
Carinne Wilson was the first woman in the senate, in the 1930`s, after the famous "person`s case", when women became persons in 1929 (I think that`s the date).