June 05, 2005

Open Doors Ottawa Part II...
Today was the second day, and last, of Open Doors Ottawa. I first went to the Army Officer`s Mess, which is in an old brick building near the city hall. After the tour, I got to try firing a riffle that the army uses for soldier training. No real bullets, but you had to load the riffle, it recoiled, and we got to shoot the enemy people walking across the screen.
After I went to the Library of Parliament on Sparks Street, before going to the old Train Station. The train station was pretty cool, although it`s been converted to a conference centre, so they don`t have all of the benches that they had in the original building. Even though the interior is plaster, it`s made up to look like stone.
I then took a (long) bus ride, and went to the Greek Orthodox Church which was also pretty cool. It had some amazing icons painted on the ceiling.

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