June 03, 2005

Speakers' visit...
I just finished the Friday afternoon/evening shift -yes, Friday evening shift. But, I was in the guide lounge with four other guides when Peter Milliken, the Speaker of the House of Commons, stopped by and said hi to all of us. The Speaker of the Senate had some left-over pastries from a meeting that he was in, so his secretary had them brought over for us. Needless to say, they were pretty good. I tried a lemon Danish, a chocolate/cherry cake slice, and had two slices of a lemon/cranberry cake. Mmmmmm..... I guess the Friday evening shift wasn`t so bad -especially since no one showed up for my 7:40 French public tour. Tant mieux :)
STUPIDEST QUESTION TO DATE: "Was that MacDonald (pointing to John A. MacDonald, the first Priminister of Canada) the guy who started McDonald`s, the fastfood company?" from a grade 6 anglo-Montrealer.


Tim said...

I hope you answered the youngster with the truth "No this portrait is of the alcoholic, womanizer who shoved a railway across the whole country in record time and kept BC from joining the USA".


lils said...

hahah! ahh the youth of today are so encouraging, eh?

Stephen said...

I know! Isn`t it sad? But I know that in Québec they don`t really teach Canadian history, except for the Battle on the Plains of Abraham.
Personally, I`m glad that BC is part of Canada, and not part of the US :)
Happy Alberta centenial by the way, Alberta and Saskatchewan joined Confederation in 1905.