July 09, 2005

The BEP...
Last night, after rafting, I went to listen in on the Black Eyed Peas (Les Pois aux yeux noirs) concert here in Ottawa. They were playing as part of Bluesfest. Although I didn`t have tickets (too expensive), I nudged up to the fence, and could see the screen from outside. I didn`t catch the whole concert, but I heard "Where is the love?", and "Shut up", which were both great.


Anonymous said...

You just left a comment in my LJ stating that I didn't know where your blog was, DUDE I check this EVERYDAY, seriously, I have a routein, check email, check LJ, check Stephen's blog, check a comic strip I read every day, read cbc.ca, read http://www.thetyee.ca (really really good news source) then do mucking around. LIKE CLOCKWORK I TELL YAH!!

Don't be doubting my reading there Stevie!!! :P


Stephen said...

I`m not doubting- just teasing :)