July 23, 2005

In Montréal...
I'm in Montréal, just about to head out for a picnic. I arrived yesterday with no problems, and looked around the immediate area surrounding the bus station. For lunch I had a smoked meat sandwich. Now I know why Montreal smoked meat is world-renowned!
I met up with Jelena at the bus station, and we went out for a coffee. I haven't seen her for five years, since the summer I went to Jonquiere to study French. She's working here in Montreal for the summer, doing rat neural research at Carleton.
I went for Indian buffet with Sophia, and a bunch of her friends from her linguistics masters' program. Une soirée en francais. We then headed over to another of her friends' places for a house warming party.
Today, we'll be heading to a picnic at Parc La Fontaine with some friends, then do some sight seeing in the afternoon.

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Anonymous said...

Are Quebec girls hotter than Ontario girls? I'm hearing conflicting reports. Since you're only there for the weekend, make sure you make out with as many as possible (I'd suggest you to sleep with as many as possible, but I think you are a good Christian, unlike me :)
Have fun