July 04, 2005

Old Friends...
On Saturday night I met up with an old friend, Emily, who I met in Jonquière about five years ago, while I was there studying French. We were supposed to meet up with Chantal, another friend from Jonquière, but she had appendicitis and was in the hospital (we just learned today). Emily and I had dinner at a cool little Italian place, which makes their own pasta and sauce. It was incredibly good -reminds me of Italy!
One problem with the humidity here in Ottawa is that it carries germs and bacteria really well. I don`t think that I`ve ever been so sick in my life as I have while I`ve been in Ottawa. I`ve only had two small colds, but many of the guides have gotten the stomach flu, various colds, and have lost their voices many times. I`m just lucky that I haven`t flat out lost my voice. I`ve come close too many times to count.
But I guess that speaking to large groups of people in a noisy building, and dealing with the public all day can do that to you.


Anonymous said...

drink lots and lots and lots and lots of water. (I drink up to 3 Liters a day!!) and buy those tiny hand sanitizers. Now that I'm riding the bus again, I use it after I get off the bus and after I'm in classes/walking around/touching stuff at SFU.

It helps!

Anonymous said...

yeah, that was Sheila. sorry I forgot to sign off...like you do on my LJ!! ;)

Stephen said...

No worries about not signing off. I`ve forgotten in your LJ before.
I should start using those hand sanitizers more. I wash my hands before and after lunch, and after work. Dirty people!