August 11, 2005

Montréal and Québec...
I just got back late last night from three days in Montréal and Québec with my parents. We drove to Montréal on Monday morning, and spent two hours there shopping, and drove through a bit of the city (past McGill, Outremont, etc.). We continued on to Trois-Rivières where we stopped for a coffee and a walk along the St.-Laurent. We arrived in Québec a little while later, and stopped in at our hotel. We wandered around the upper-old town for a bit, and had dinner at a crêpe restaurant.
The next day we walked by the Citadel, and along the Dufferin Terasse, before arriving at Château Frontenac. I took off on my own to the Museum of Civilisation in Québec, which was having a cool exhibit about Russia. I was able to get in for free, thanks to my Parliamentary pass. The museum was really cool, and I loved the Russian part. I met up with my parents in the evening, and we went for dinner at an Italian place near the old town. I also got them to try squeaky cheese. Mmmmm, squeaky cheese. I wish they had it on the West Coast.
Yesterday, we had breakfast at Chez Cora`s in Ste. Foy, then drove around Ile d'Orléans, which is a farming island in the St. Laurence River. We drove back to Ste. Foy, and did some shopping. I bought a cool blue shirt at Simons. We drove to Montréal, and had poutines there late in the evening. Then it was back to Ottawa for midnight. At least I`m working later today, at 12h10.

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