August 06, 2005

Pirate Party...
Last night I went to Erin`s pirate party. She`s one of the guides, and decided to have a pirate themed birthday party last night. It was a lot of fun, especially since almost everyone actually dressed up. I didn`t really have any pirate stuff, so I made an eye patch out of cardboard, and wrote "ARRGH" on it. I ended up staying much later than I had expected, especially since I worked the 8:20 shift this morning.
Tonight I`m off to a farewell night for Adeline, one of the girls who worked as a Vimy guide when I was in France. She was given three weeks notice before she`s off to Taiwan for an indetermined amount of time. It`s a good-bye party, as well as an "eat and take anything that`s still left in my house before I leave" party.

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