September 24, 2005

Last night at my uni was the annual concert called Dis-O(rientation). It's basically like the final frosh event at a larger university. I got a free ticket for the concert, because I was one of the first 60 (out of 75) people who went to the Student union's AGM two weeks ago. The main act was Matthew Good. He did a pretty good concert, although it was a bit shorter than what I expected (about 45 minutes). There were a few other bands that played, most of whom I didn't hear and hadn't heard of. Hedley played as well, the lead singer being Jacob Hoggard from here (he came in 3rd in Canadian Idol).
The stupid thing about Dis-O this year is that there was no in-out like they've had in the past. So, there were people who arrived at 3:30 in t-shirts, when it was hot and sunny, and didn't leave until Matt Good was finished at 10:20.

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Anonymous said...

I heard about that!

Yeah, we didn't have one this year at SFU b/c of loss of profits and issues.

So instead we had a huuuuuuuuuge pub night for the past three weeks! so fun!

I quit SlaveOn last tuesday, making oct. 3rd my last day.

I'm moving into Townhouses at SFU for january 2006. SO STOKED NOT TO COMMUTE.

ummm yeah..sorry I have alot of friend only posts on LJ...easier that way.

Cory adn I broke up, so its easier to vent in private, rather than in public. Yah dig?

I'm free on most tuesday, wednesday and thursday nights...if you want to do coffee or something.

I have weekends "off" after Oct 3rd !!!! so yeah. let me know dude.