September 04, 2005

The Goodbyes...
Tomorrow (Monday) is my last day of work, and I`m leaving Ottawa on Tuesday morning. However, there are a lot of guides who are leaving early, or who won`t be working the last day. This whole week has been filled with goodbyes, and goodbye dinners and parties. Today was my last day working in the Peace Tower, and tomorrow is my last day guiding. My last tour will feel a bit weird. I hope that I`ll have a good group.
After Thursday`s events, Friday evening brought dessert at Oh So Good (Praline and Cream Cheesecake), followed by a housewarming and final party for Véro. Yesterday I met up with Kyla, her boyfriend Aaron from Bristol, UK, and Chantal*. I met both Kyla and Chantal while I was working in France last year. Anyway, we spent the afternoon together, in the Market. I went for dinner at the Horn of Africa (an Ethiopian resto) with about a dozen other guides. We followed it up with dessert at Zak`s. This evening was Avant-Garde, a Russian/communist bar (in fun) with cheap drinks. I had a Russian beer, and a Uzbekistani meat/onion thing which was really good. Tomorrow there`s some sort of final goodbye event in the works as well.
Needless to say I`m going to sleep well when I finally get home. Although, my first class actually starts 50 minutes after I get off the plane on Tuesday. I think I`ll skip that one (it`s only French linguistics).
*As a side note, it turns out that Chantal knows the brother of one of the guides that I`m working with over the summer. She also met Marc a few years back in Edmonton. What a small world!


Anonymous said...

did your last tour go well?

Stephen said...

Yah, it went pretty well actually. The group was fairly responsive, although they didn't have any questions. I got some positive feedback after the tour, which is always nice to hear.