September 16, 2005

The Zoo...
I had two more field trips this week. The first was some forest trails somewhere. We basically looked at native species to BC for an hour.
Today was a field trip to the Zoo! We had an hour long tour of the zoo, then we spent an hour observing our selected animals; I had chosen the Zebu Cow to observe. It's the breed of cow that's revered in Hindu parts of India, as being a holy cow. So I spent 30 minutes watching a cow chew its cud, and another 30 minutes watching the cows watch me. Yup, that should be enough to do a 3-page write up!


tim said...

Mandarin? You planning on doing an 8 month tour in China? Being tonally challenged I wouldn't personally know but I've heard that Mandarin is much harder than Cantonese.

Did you take that one out of curiosity or just for credits?

Stephen said...

I'm actually taking it for credit! That kind of scares me a bit, but it's really interesting so far. I'm not sure whether Mandarin or Cantonese is more difficult. Mandarin has 4 main tones, while Cantonese has 7 (I think). In any case, it's more of a challenge than Spanish would be.