November 10, 2005

French Party!!!
Last night I hosted the French party at my uni. I was worried that there wouldn't be a lot of people there (as my uni has a pathetic student participation record), but there were about 35 people who showed up (which is a lot, considering that last years Student Union AGM had about 45)!
We had the requisite French music, as well as baguettes with three kinds of cheese, and grapes for starters. There was a French lentil stew and tarte flambée for the main meal, with crêpes and a galette des rois for dessert. I even put a fève in the galette, so that the "winner" had to wear a crown, just as they do in France. I think the food was a hit, considering the number of people who asked for recipes. I had some great help in the kitchen, which reduced my stress considerably, although I didn't get much time to enjoy the party myself. But it seemed like everyone else did!


Sheila Ann said...

I know all about trying to get student body involved...
I'm a Peer Health Educator at SFU, and when we do outreach events, we're ALWAYS trying to find ways to lure ppl in, like when we were doing our latest planning for our Sexual Health Awarenss Group (SHAG ;) we're like "what will draw ppl in? hot chocolate? hershey kisses?" We're always trying to find SOMETHING to draw ppl in! Food is a good way to go ;)

Stephen said...

Yah, food is the way to go. Nothing happens without free food at university!
That`s how the SUS AGM was able to even get a few people to come out to the meeting -free pizza and pop!

Jim said...

Sounds like you should hold a French party at the SUS AGM and take the SUS over! You would have the numbers.
Food is always "a good thing".