February 16, 2006

Reading Break!!!
It's finally started, the much anticipated reading break. Now you must understand that at most universities it's a reading 'week', but seeing as how at my uni we only get two days off, it's only a reading 'break'. But hey, I'll take two days over nothing.
No big plans yet, except to study for my midterms next week, and get a bit ahead on a few big essays due in the next three weeks. But, Joana and her sister are up visiting from Brazil for a few days, and to go to a wedding (she went to high school with me). So we're planning on meeting up sometime to go into Vancouver, or at least out for coffee.


Sheila Ann said...

Hey Steve,

I have not read your blog since January as I didn't copy down my book marks on my parents PC for my iBook.

You're doing well, which is good to hear. I don't have a LJ any more but I'm just the same.

What is the plans for after graduation? Grad school? Working?

I'm out of my undergrad in August, then off to grad school. Yay. My dad has been winding me up about how great its going to be, as it will be concentrated and I'll be able to focus on my interests.


lils said...

2 days is awful... sucker :P.

Stephen said...

I was just reading your blog when you commented. Weird, eh?
I should email you sometime.
Sheila , I should email you sometime too...