March 23, 2006

I handed in my "Application to Graduate", and paid my graduating fee ($25) this morning, so I can graduate in early June. It's quite scary, knowing that I've got two weeks of classes left, and I'm not exactly sure what I'll be doing in a month. Or in three months, or a year. But, at least I know I'll have that expensive piece of paper in my hands in just over two months.
Now I just have to pass my finals, which start in three weeks!


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tim said...

Congrats and welcome to the real world of working .... ahh wait you've done that :)

So you're done (for now). Just to freak out your mom and dad start a sentence with "you know they have a very interesting PHD program".

Just kidding. I'm sure you'll ace the finals.

Stephen said...

I'm not too worried about my finals, yet. I'm sure they'll go well.