March 10, 2006

Snow? In March?
It snowed quite a bit yesterday actually, although it all melted in the afternoon. It caused a few problems in the morning, mainly inexperienced people driving really slowly. It snowed again overnight, although it didn't stick to the roads, only to the grass and cars. The poor plants that just started to flower (daffodils, crocuses, etc.).

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tim said...

Cry me a river :)
Here it is snow, melt, snow, melt, snow. We are currently at the snow part of the cycle. It gets so messy on the roads. Oh well spring is near and we made it through January and February without our obligatory 10 days of minus 30 (plus wind chill).

I came across this site ( and couldn't stop reading. Not that I'm a conspiracy nut but I love reading things that make me think and that one did.