May 23, 2006

Are you... French?
At work today a guy came into our office, wanting to know if we had any jobs tutoring French, and we ended up chatting in French (me being the bilingual agent, lol). What I thought was funny is that despite being raised in Paris, he asked me if I was French, or possibly Québécois. I guess I should put more stock in my level of spoken French, but still.
In unrelated news, here's an interesting article about a Canadian-ownded french fries plant in England that had to be evacuated last week when its batch of potatoes from the Continent contained what was thought to be a grendade from the First World War! It's amazing that stuff is still in the fields, over 90 years later, but I saw some of it for myself when I was in northern France.


tim said...

A 90 year old WWI grenade? Wow. Watch out how you dig those gardens! Now we are much more civilized and we use depleted uranium! Check it out at the Quakers site

Now we poison it for the rest of time.

Stephen said...

Every year or two there's usually a farmer in Belgium or northern France that has an explosion go off under their tractor as the till the soil (and sometimes they're fatal explosions). The munitions keep coming up over the years. It's creepy.
When I was at Vimy Ridge, they had recently found the bodies of two German soldiers, who had appeared in the spring as the rain washed some dirt away.

tim said...

Bodies washing up. Now that would be spooky! Yuk.

T. said...

I was asked if I was french, when I was talkin' to some guys from N.Y
I told them : "sure I live here, in Lille !"