June 18, 2006

Yesterday was the main evening for the Festival d'été francophone de Vancouver (En). I did some volunteer work with the promotion of the festival by putting up posters around town, and by promoting the festival with a girl from Quebec on the street the day of the festival. It was a lot of fun, especially once the rain blew over!
The tickets were sold out (first time in 17 years) with 1,200 tickets sold to the public. There were two huge acts -Les Trois Accords, and Robert Charlebois. As I've mentioned before, Les Trois Accords is one of my favourite groups so I was incredibly excited to hear them live. And they didn't disappoint! It was cool to hear so many people singing along to their songs, and speaking French.
And I might be on Radio-Canada because the camera guy wanted a shot of a volunteer handing out brochures to people coming to the festival. We'll see if I make the cut or not.


Anonymous said...

You are everywhere!

Stephen said...

Lol, I hadn't thought of it like that.