August 17, 2006

Less than a week...
It's true, I'm leaving in less than a week now. My parents picked up my Chinese visa from the consulate in Vancouver yesterday, so I've got a nice drawing of the Great Wall of China in my passport now. Before work this morning I went to the pharmacist to get my prescription for 'traveler's diarrhea' filled.
I haven't actually started packing, although I've started putting stuff in a corner that I'll take with me. I got some pencils that say "Canada" on them as prizes for the kids. What's funny though is that the pencils were made in China, shipped to Canada, and now I'm taking them back to China to give away.
Despite the new terrorist concerns, my big concern at the moment is that the security workers don't go on strike starting Tuesday, as my flight is on Wednesday. The one side says the whole airport will be shut down, and the other says that it will continue to operate, but just with longer line ups. Hopefully nothing will come of it.


Anonymous said...

goodbye and best wishes, are you still able to continue your blog in China?

Stephen said...

I should be able to, or at least find a way to. The Chinese government recently (3 weeks ago) unblocked, so I should have access to it unless they reverse their decision.