August 26, 2006

My place was in desperate need of some cleaning supplies, so I went shopping with one of the English teachers today at the RT-Mart (大润发 -DaRunFa). The adventure started with the school's shuttle that takes the teachers into town on Saturday afternoon. You have to close the bus door yourself, and the driver didn't even shoulder check when pulling onto the road right in front of a bus (I won't comment any more on his driving).
The supermarket was all underground, which was cool. At the entrance there was a lady who's job is to give you a cart as you enter. I've never seen a place with so many staff, most of whom just stand and watch you. There were a few aisles where there would be 2 or 3 girls just standing there, and they move out of your way if you want to look what they're standing in front of. When I wanted to buy one doughnut, the lady at the bakery bagging centre said that I could only buy 3 doughnuts, and not just one, so I didn't get my doughnut. Maybe next time.


Anonymous said...

you have an RT-Mart in Boading? So jealous. (we are familiar with them cause they are all over Taipei and not Guangzhou)

And I can finally view Blogspot! Stephen, consider yourself lucky to get on...I was blocked for a few months.


Anonymous said...

So many staff? What else are you going to do with 1+ billion people? Since you were the only white person in the building, they probably were all looking at you!

Hope you have before & after pictures of your place. Good to talk on MSN last night.

Sophia said...

I'm glad you sent out a group e-mail with the blog address! And your pictures are always good fun too. :) I look forward to seeing and reading more!

Take care over there!!!

-Fellow Lille survivor ;-)

Anonymous said...

Do you feel the difference of the amount of the people between in Canada and in China?

Anonymous said...

go ahead and splurge... get all 3 doughnuts

Stephen said...

Adeline -I went back to RT-Mart today, and love it. They've got almost everything (except the mouse trap I was looking for). I had heard that Blogger was banned in China, so I had been looking into alternatives.

Sophia -I keep going to your blog, but it's been a while since you last posted.

The difference in number of people is big (and I'm not in a big city either). There are people everywhere you go, on every road, alley, lane, and in every corner.