September 29, 2006

Bank Account II...
I'm now the proud owner of a second Bank of China bank account. Let me explain.
Before leaving for Xi'an I wanted to get a bank card, which is much more convenient for getting cash when the bank is closed (i.e. during a holiday or in the evening). When I originally opened an account, they didn't have any cards in the bank (meiyou!), so I was told to go back again. I decided to hit up a larger branch today figuring they would have cards in stock.
I guess I went into the wrong part of the bank, but the lady understood what I wanted and told me to go through a door into another part of the bank. I evidently didn't have the correct type of account to have a bank card, so they gave me some papers to fill out. I have a "Savings Account", but I need a "Passbook of Savings Accounts" to be able to have a bank card. So I opened a second account, paid another 15Yuan, and transferred money back and forth until I got a Great Wall Card, for use in China only.
They were quite efficient, the lady behind the counter even serving four people at the same time! Yes, there were four of us squished up against the glass, pushing paper back and forth to the lady, and entering our PIN codes multiple times.


Anonymous said...

Does China have ATM machines like western ones?

Anonymous said...

Hey, did you do all of those transactions in English or Mandarin? It sounds very confusing.

tim said...

Great Pics. Speaking of passtimes have you seen many people playing Chinese Chess? I always loved to play that one. It is a completely different game than the India/Western "Queen's game".

Stephen said...

Yah, they're like Western machines, with a choice of Chinese or English.
Half Mandarin, and half Chinese!
I'm going to put up some pics from time in the parks soon. After I'm back from Xi'an.